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The University of gpk电子游戏官网

The University and Europe

This 页面 outlines our commitment to Europe and our valued EU partnerships in a post-Brexit world.

Students, staff and future 学生 looking for practical guidance around Brexit should visit our Brexit advice 页面.

Our position on Europe

The University of gpk电子游戏官网 is one of the world’s leading institutions for research and education.

By attracting the most talented people from across the UK, Europe and around the world we have created a thriving environment where genuine collaboration creates new thinking and discoveries that are changing the world for the better.

Ours is an institution that constantly looks to the future, whether educating new generations of 学生 or developing groundbreaking research, our mission will transcend the political changes resulting from the UK leaving the European Union.

As 监护人 of this University, we will work tirelessly to protect our principle of internationalisation.

几乎1,000 members of our staff and 2,000 学生 are from Europe and form an integral part of the future success of our University. Each year more than 3,000 research papers are written in collaboration with European universities and institutions. Over the coming years we look forward to continuing these exceptional relationships both with Europe and with partners around the world.

In the meantime we will continue to work with our many partners across the EU to lobby the Prime Minister, Secretaries of State, 部长, 国会议员, 欧洲议会议员, 上议院, 和其他人, to push research and science onto the radar and highlight the importance of our EU colleagues and 学生 who live and work in the UK.

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